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Nixa Utilities

Nixa Utilities

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About Us

Count on us.

Nixa Utilities is an electric, water, and sewer utility owned and operated by the City of Nixa. As a public utility, there is no profit motive, so we can provide utility services at the cost of operating and maintaining these systems for our customers. Decisions regarding Nixa Utilities are made by the elected officials on the Nixa City Council.

We are dedicated to providing reliable, safe, and environmentally-friendly services. We have been recognized by the American Public Power Association as a platinum-level ''Reliable Public Power Provider'' (RP3). Our water quality currently exceeds all state and federal minimum standards, and we are proud to say that the wastewater of our city is treated to a degree of purity that when it flows back into the Finley Creek, it is actually cleaner than the water upstream. The city purchases electric power from various renewable sources including solar, wind, and hydro-electric.

Nixa Utilities (through the municipal government) also negotiates a contract for trash service for all our customers, meaning the cost of curbside trash and recycling pick-up is included on your Nixa Utilities bill, and that money is paid to the contractor which won a competitive bid process to provide these services at an affordable cost. Currently, the contract for curbside trash and recycle is with Republic Services.

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